Mace Francis

The Music Mill part 2

The Music Mill was built and was a huge success! There were a few moments were I didn’t think we would get it finished but many people pulled together and helped to make it a success!

You can follow the journey, progress and the final Leederville Festival outcome HERE on The Music Mill Facebook page.

I would like to thank the following people who made this project a reality…

A huge thanks to Makoto Oka for the idea and trusting me with it – we did it! Also thank you to my Japanese friends and Music Mill supporters Tomoka Kai, Chihiro and Fumihiko for travelling to Perth.

Also a massive thank you to Edith Cowan University for awarding me a Collaborative Enhancement Grant. To Ken Allen and Jimmy Murphy for believing in the idea enough to feature at the Light Up Leedy Festival.

Then there are the people who helped with building the beast – all the help was really really appreciated – no matter how large or small. A big thanks to David Pinkus for the workshop space and to Adam Cruickshank for the CNC cutting… and then in no particular order Gabrielle Sherwood, Dan Sherwood (and Bear), Greg Sherwood, James van de Ven, Andre Junior, Wayne Slater, Ricki Malet, Alex Benn, Sam Hadlow, Nick Pages-Oliver, Gregory Brenton, Stuart James and Andrew Greenham.

…and finally all the people who gave so generously to my GoFundMe campaign!!!

THANK YOU!!! and I am looking forward to the next time!

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