Mace Francis

Jazz a Couches

Its official, my first international gig as a guest composer/conductor in Europe is organised for July 3rd at at jazz festival in France called Jazz a Couches.  The festival is held in a region called Couches which is a 3 hour drive south from Paris.  I will be working will a youth jazz orchestra (musicians aged between 18-25 y/o) called l’Orchestre des Jeunes Jazzmen de Bourgogne (OJJB) which is usually under the direction of the great vibraphonist, and all round nice guy, Franck Tortiller.

Check out a great promo of the band

I must say the VISA situation to work in France is a lot less of an issue than working in the USA – 1 form – done – Thanks France!

I am looking forward to hanging with Franck and the OJJB gang soon.  I will let you know how it goes.

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