Mace Francis

3 Questions: the first 10 episodes

For awhile now I have been thinking about a series of really simple questions to ask lots of different musicians and composers that I know and respect. The questions would need to be simple and vague enough to allow different interpretations. When the lock down happened in March 2020, I saw this was an opportunity to get in contact with lots of people and talk deeply about music, and so 3 Questions was born.

In these short 15-20min interviews, now up on YouTube I ask musicians and composers, from various backgrounds, the same 3 simple questions about music.

1. Why do you have music in your life?
2. How do you make music?
3. What excites you musically right now?

This week I release my 10th episode of 3 Questions with New York big band composer Sara McDonald. To celebrate I have made a little highlights reel of the first 10 artists. Hear what everyone has to say, check out the links to their music in the description section, enjoy, Like the Facebook Page and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. There is plenty more to come!

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