Mace Francis

The Hounds

“…enough raw energy to power a small town…”
audience member 2006

The Hounds are a 6-piece modern traditional swinging jazz group made up of Perth’s next generation of “young jazz lions”.  Regular favourites at local jazz clubs and festivals, The hounds pride themselves on their killer live show, delivering high energy performances that feed off the septet’s ready humour, raucous group improvisation, multiple soloists and driving rhythm section.

In recent times they have turned their attention to creating original music in the style and spirit of the traditional jazz masters but with a modern jazz twist.

The Hounds CD release Bell End Blues, is a mix of original music from group leader Mace Francis and bassist Wayne Slater with a few classics thrown in.

The Hounds have raised the roof at the Perth Jazz Society, stopped traffic in downtown Albany, made a triumphant return to the Bunbury International Jazz Festival, wowed the inaugural York Jazz & Soul Festival and absolutely smashed the Victorian Jazz Club as well as the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz.

The Hounds are;
Ricki Malet – Trumpet
Benny Collins – Clarinet/Alto Sax
Mace Francis – Banjo/Guitar
Wayne Slater – Bass
Greg Brenton – Drums

“The Hounds have succeeded in producing an album capable of charming even the most sceptical listener: Bell End Blues draws on the oldest of jazz styles to create new and memorable music in a way that gives The Hounds an authenticity all of their own.”
Ben Craig-Wadham – Perth Jazz Review

Oh, joy! A youthful band with a ‘traditional’ line-up, mostly their own compositions and no vocals!  The writing is professional and the arrangements are just tight enough without curbing the impetuosity of youth on a rampage.”
Ron Spain – JazzScene

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