Mace Francis


His compositions were interesting and intelligent with something to say, while the voicings, using tenor and alto sax, bass clarinet with trombone and trumpet, were remarkable.”

John McBeath, The Australian Newspaper

…the writing and the playing have a lot of humanity – a lot of soul.”

These layered compositions and scoring convey colour, atmosphere and movement far more effectively and with greater interest than the stock standard arrangements often heard from big bands. Francis, understandably, has attracted international interest with his outstanding orchestra and compelling compositions.”

John McBeath, The Weekend Australian

Mace Francis and his ubiquitous orchestra are a dinky-di national treasure. Mace’s name can rightly be spoken in the same rarefied breath as giant jazz genius Paul Grabowsky, whether we’re talking composition, or orchestration. The MFO’s 13 ‘pieces’ are much more than the sum of its parts! You haven’t heard how brilliantly bent a big band can be, until you’ve heard the MFO.”

Mace Francis deserves recognition as a big band leader with his own vision and his own sound.”

His themes are melodically pleasing and rhythmically strong. Francis has definite goals in mind, and has assembled a first class ensemble to help him reach them.”

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