Mace Francis

No Post Code – For Victor O’Connor

In 2017, a good friend, Victor O’Connor asked me to compose a piece to play at his funeral. He had been sick for a very long time, fighting the good fight like the stubborn bastard he was, but his cancer was getting more aggressive and he knew the end was near. A heartbreaking task and one that I resisted for awhile. When I agreed, he then sent through LOTS of youtube links of pieces to influence me and the piece… lots of Zappa, Turkish folk music, psychedelic rock and other weird stuff… there was nothing sombre or sad.

A few months later he passed away on January 22, 2018. I miss you buddy! I was able to play him a rehearsal recording while he was in hospital…I got a wicked twisted smile and weak hoarse “fuck yeah!”. I really wish he was there to enjoy the party he organised.

Here is a live recording made by WAYJO at the Quarry. It features Alana Macpherson on soprano sax and was lovingly mixed by Kieran Kenderessy from the desk recording. Here it is available for your downloading or steaming pleasure. You can also give a small amount to help with the composer fund :)

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