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Isolation Emancipation – In Review

Isolation Emancipation has been out for a couple of months now and getting some nice airplay and reviews. Thank you to those who have bought or streamed the album. It is really appreciated.

Some highlights so far have been:
+Featured Album of the Week: MBS Fine Music Sydney
+Track of the Day: All About Jazz
+New Jazz Release Playlist: JazzFuel
+Fresh Picks Playlist: West Australian Music

…and some nice words from…

Adorned in catchy rhythms and attractive harmonies, the music’s appeal is noticeable from the start, crafting a slew of subliminal, melodic passages. Francis’s astuteness for detail and his penchant for harmony is perceivable, reeling in the audience from the start.
Jazz2Love Blog

Francis has a wry sense of humor in naming some of the tunes like “Casserole for Two,” “The Pudding Song,” “Isolation Emancipation” and “The Monk, The Drunk and Derek the Researcher.” Francis has created just short of an hour of fun listening on Isolation Emancipation.
Joe Lang – New Jersey Jazz Magazine: Dec 2021

“Isolation Emancipation,” the album’s title track is a delicious, cool number that struts and strolls right into your home and with a finger snap or two transforms your place into the hippest club, full of merriment, music, and dancing. You’ll be tapping your toes and smiling, and not wanting reality to return to whatever it was before this tune began.
Michael Doherty

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